Prison Communication

My Experience with the Securus Technology during Christmas time.

I must admit I was skeptical at first about the Securus Technologies assisting me with a visit from my nephew, who is an inmate. But now, I can honestly sing their praises. Everything went perfectly. I was curious, to say the least, after watching the video presentation. It all seemed too easy. You are able to connect with your loved one right there in the prison facility without having to be there personally. You accomplish this through your internet service. Once you have been approved and are connected at the appointed time, you can actually see your family and they can see you. The greatest part is that where ever you are, they become a part of that atmosphere as well. So you can literally have other family members or loved ones present to visit that may not ever get the opportunity to visit in a prison. This is especially kindhearted when you think about small children. Now the inmate can actually see and enjoy the moments of the little ones. And they both will cherish those memories.


I can’t thank Secura Technologies enough for putting in place a device that allows families to stay connected during times of incarceration. With Christmastime being the hardest, it is a wonderful gift to be able to spend just a little time together. Even though it is by video, you can hear clearly, and the picture is live and clear enough to see them crying tears of joy.It’s also nice to know that while my loved one is in prison, the technology we all enjoy on the outside can benefit him also, thanks to Securus Technologies. Lastly, I hope I am not sounding lazy, but I don’t have to do all that driving, especially in bad weather. Anyone who takes those trips knows how exhausting that can be. Thank you Securus for helping keep families together at Christmas.I will definitely let anyone who is interested know that Secura Technologies is the real deal, especially during the Christmas holidays.