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Neorocore brain training and how it helps the healthy living

Neorocore brain Performance Centers specialize in the provision of brain-based assessment, that are data driven as well as the provision of training programs that benefit both children and adults to improve their concentration, manage stress and sleep well. Neurocone has gained popularity in applied neuroscience since its inception in 2004. It has nine brain performance centers in Florida and Michigan. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neorocore provides a great training program for the brain. This made the Trail Blazers and Cousins seek their help. Dr. Tim Royer, a neurologist at Neorocore teaches athletes on how to get at the highest level performance at will, ensuring efficient brain recovery as well as it is slowed down along with other body systems. Dr. Tim says athletes are great both mentally and athletically and this allows them to perform well regardless of the pressure they encounter during and after the game. They lower their brain activity during training to a more peaceful level so that it can be followed by a more restorative sleep.

Mind-over-matter is a powerful tool. It explains why players need to psych themselves up, breathe deeply and perform rituals so that they can train and prepare their minds. He explains that the brain has neuroplasticity that allows it to change, it can be trained and be put into great conditions. Dr. Royer uses his training in Neorocore as a drug-free approach to treating kids with attention-free deficit disorders. The training is used to train people with anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Read more about Neurocore at

Since starting the brain training at Neorocore’s Grand Rapid, Cousins improved in his performance and he was able to join the Washington state. With a renewed commitment to brain training, Cousins joined the Minnesota Vikings on a 3-year contract.

Brain training is, therefore, a training that anyone can do from the comfort of their chairs in the same way the athletes do. Dr. Rover says that a 30-minute training session results in more than 2000 modifications to brain functions. This means there is a lot to gain with no pain involved. With a well-trained brain, the sleep patterns are regulated and this causes an overall healthy living.