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Norka Luque Gives Herself Over to the Music Industry

Norka Luque is a smart woman. She could have been anything that she wanted to be. She has studied fashion and marketing. Luque has a degree in culinary arts as well. It seems like she has multiple backup plans that involved the things that she was most passionate about.The thing that she appears to be the most passionate about right now is music.

Luque is an artist that owns her own music label. This is a good way to get familiar with business and everything that is involved in building a recording empire. She is not just behind the scenes in the music industry though. This beautiful Venezuelan also has a great voice that allows her to make her mark in the music industry. She is one of few artists that have been able to transition from Venezuela to the fast pace life of a place like Miami. The desire to move to Florida was sparked by her connection with Emilio Estefan. He discovered Norka, and this would prove to be much easier for producing the album.

Norka Luque really loves her homeland, but she has adapted quite well in America. She has also lived in Europe, and all of these different experiences have shaped her style and her sound. A person that has never lived outside of their homeland would have nothing to really sing about. Latino Show Magazine mentions that Norka has been around long enough to know about heartache and pain. She knows about struggle and she knows about letting it all go and finding your place even in the midst of hardships.

Most artists have something of a gimmick. This is how they get the fans to take to them. Norka uses social media like Twitter and Facebook, but there is no gimmick. She is just presenting herself in the way that she wanted to be portrayed. She has taken the time to give fans a glimpse into her life, and many people appreciate this intimate look with shooting videos or performing on stage. She seems to have captured the attention of an American audience, and she likes that. Norka is bound to be discovered by many others as she continues to release singles.

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