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Norka Martinez Luque: A Perfect Example to Aspiring Musicians

It’s harder than ever for aspiring artists to crack into the music industry. The music industry poses a greater barrier to entry more than most career fields. However, most successful mainstream musicians will tell you that there are certain things that you can do to make your journey to professional singing less demanding and less painful.


Let’s look at some of the things that professional artists such as Norka Martinez Luque did to break into the mainstream music awareness.


#1. Get a Degree

Should you skip college and start earning immediately? No, you should not. A degree will still help you get ahead, in the music industry and most other career fields. Ms. Martinez has a business degree from a French business school. After she had graduated from high school, she moved abroad to pursue higher education. Additionally, she has diplomas in culinary arts, fashion and marketing.


#2. Join a band

Joining a music group is a sure way to make important connections. This is especially beneficial to all budding musicians who don’t have any experience in the music industry. As a band member, you will get the chance to hand promotional materials to people in your local community- including TVs, radio stations and clubs. In the case of Luque, she joined a punk and funk band by the name Bad Moon Rising while in France. With this band, she got the chance to meet professionals in the European music community.


#3. Be active on social media

If you are active on social media, people get the impression that you’re interested in the show business. Through social media, you get the chance to interact with potential fans and a community of people with whom you share common interests. Ms. Martinez has a dedicated Facebook fan page, Twitter account and a host of other social media accounts that she uses to connect with her fans.


#4. Find a mentor

Finding a professional who is experienced and also has reliable connections is a sure way of getting into the highly competitive music industry. In the case of Luque, she relied on Emilio Estefan, a Grammy Award-winning producer. With the guidance of Mr. Estefan, Luque was able to release her fists album. Three songs from the album became successful making the Venezuelan songbird internationally known.