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Norka reveals her Belief in Miracles

Miracles do happen. Emilio Estefan, the king of music, featured Norka Martinez Luque. This was the greatest miracle of her life. The name, Martinez, is in her mother’s honor. She was born of music. Music steered her life as a child. While she was a baby, she couldn’t sleep until her mother plays them music. Norka Martinez Luque used to fall asleep listening to music at home. While she was 10, she made her first musical appearance in the arena singing one of Luis Miguel’s songs. This was the beginning of a successful career in music. She became fully prepared and attended training in piano, ballet, music theory, and flamenco. She had the best parents in the world. They took care of her passion. Most parents will shun off their children whenever they talk about emotions. They believe that education is the only passion that can take you places.

She attended numerous music concerts and won awards because of her talent in music. She was the best in singing. Her teachers loved her. She got guidance from her parents to keep on pursuing her goal together with academic achievement. She gained international recognition when she sang Juanes’ song in a school festival.

Her desire towards success and achievement made her relocate to the United States. For her to continue in academics, the beautiful Venezuelan met the world-class producer. However, she gave continuity to music while in the shadows. He met Emilio Estefan, the renowned music producer, who gave her the opportunity to sing. He decided to listen to her work. He liked it and extended an invitation to the studio for perfection. Her talent required that she perfect on her vocals. Estefan saw to that. He said that she had the potential to achieve her dreams as a musician. She was prepared and polished to fit the trending music world.

They went to Miami where the palm trees and falling sun witnessed the rise of a new star in music. This was the birth of a miracle. Emilio brought together a group of producers to work on the album by Norka. Archie Pena, the Gaitan brothers, and Luigi Giraldo were directed by Emilio Estefan to manage their best performances.

For over three years of tireless work, Norka presented his first song. It made her earn numerous awards. One of her most important nominations was the 2011 Premios Lo Nuestro. She received an award as the best female pop artist of the year.