Omar Boraie Is Creating a “New” New Jersey

Atlantic City will be getting a boost soon. A new development is being planned that would add another two hundred and fifty units to the neighborhood. This will surely help for the growth and expansion of the city. After all, Atlantic City has been suffering over the past ten years or so. It has been going down a little in regards to the economy, simply because it relied heavily on the casino industry, which was hurt when neighboring cities decided to set up casinos of their own. However, there has been a recent uptrend, and this new development is indicative of it.

The new development will be a modern one. The President of Boraie Development, Wasseem Boraie, said that his company knows what renters want. There will be various facilities and amenities in the buildings. You can visit Crunchbase for more info.

It is expected that Atlantic City will see the same rebound that New Brunswick saw when Boraie Development started building in that city. Omar Boraie saw a city that was decaying but which has a lot of potential.

He is now seen as a visionary, but it was not always that way. Omar Boraie wanted to buy old buildings and start building new storage buildings in their place, as well as luxury residential buildings. Many people did not think that it was possible.

New Brunswick looked very different back then. People did not want to move in. Those that already lived in New Brunswick and could not move out for whatever reason usually stayed off the streets after four in the afternoon, especially in the winter. Check out to know more.

There were twenty one dilapidated buildings that Sam Boraie bought off. People asked him if he was crazy, but he knew what he was doing. During his travels in Europe, he saw how people were rebuilding cities. He knew that he wanted to be like them and do the same thing, and he did.

He built a project known as The Aspire. The Aspire had many high quality residential units that people enjoyed very much. There were various amenities, such as a lounge with television. People started moving in. Businesses saw that people were moving in and started opening restaurants and shopping centers near the new buildings. Many young people moved in, and businesses created stores that they liked. The project contributed to the rebuilding of New Brunswick in a positive way.