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One on One with Clay Hutson

About Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson is a live performance production manager. Throughout his career, he has traveled throughout Asia, Australia, America, and Europe with some of the best artists such as Pink, Kid Rock, among others. Clay Hutson has worked with numerous artists to ensure the fans enjoy a spectacular performance from their favorite musicians. He participated in popular tours such as ‘bleed like me where he worked as a monitor engineer. Additionally, he participated in the 2017 One Republic’s ‘Honda Civic Tour’ where he was in charge of the automatic rigging system.

Clay Hutson has led a successful career in the live performance industry. He has worked for several live performance production firms where he was promoted to a project manager. Nevertheless, due to his passion for music, he decided to start his firm. Clay Hutson has completed many production designs and managerial roles for many musicians. He has skills in stage management, sound engineering, and live performance production. He states that his primary objective is to work with musicians to give a quality performance.

One on One with Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson attributes his wide range of marketable skills to his early experiences and skills in the industry. He started his firm during the 2008 financial crisis. For every entrepreneur, this was a difficult time. Nevertheless, it never hindered Clay from pioneering his dreams. He states that many risks were involved in the business creation.

Hard work, working for long hours, and dedication has led to the success of Clay Hutson. This has enabled him to gain loyalty from his existing clients. Once they are happy with his work, they refer others to him for quality services. Through this, he has managed to attract many clients.

Clay Hutson believes that planning is the backbone of his quality service production. Before traveling to a show, he ensures that he has a list of all the tasks and equipment. He organizes his crew and equipment in the right way. Additionally, he highlights mistakes that could have a negative impact on the show. Once he has the statistics, he can prevent any possible ordeal. Learn more:

Clay Hutson regrets the encounter he had with as a sub-contractor. He worked with one of their clients independently which resulted in legal issues. He devoted most of his resources to his defense team and time to the litigation. He later says that he gained experience from the lawsuit and strengthened his firm.