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OSI Group and International Expansion

OSI Group has become a leader in the food processing industry. Recently, the company completed project of expanding its facility in Spain. The facility was looking forward to doubling its chicken production, and because of this, the organization decided to add to it a high-quality production line. At the moment the Spain facility can produce double the amount of chicken products it has been producing as well as having other improvements such as production areas, security areas, and storage areas.

Since OSI Group was founded in 1909, its significant commitment has been quality customer experience. Moreover, the organization has been involved in innovative product producing. There has been a focus on the research and development which has enabled the company to come up with test kitchens as well as other production plants that enables it to offer various popular food products for commercial purposes.

The OSI Group expanded its operations in Spain due to the rising demand for the chicken products. The facility has been experiencing high numbers of customers that want chicken products. According to forecasts, the demand will keep going high, and the company has to set itself in an excellent position to cater to the demand. According to one of the managers of the Spain facility, there is an increase of demand in Spain as well as in Portugal, and the organization has experienced an eight percent increase in terms of demand in the last three years. The OSI Group facility in Spain is called OSI Food Solutions. The facility is located in Toledo, Spain and this is where the project took place. By the time the project came to an end, the organization had spent 17 million Euros.

Due to the new production line, the facility is now able to produce 24,000 tons of chicken products every year from the previous 12,000 tons. This will bring the facility’s total production to 45,000 tons of meat products annually. In addition to this, the facility also received some improvements such as a new production hall that is aimed at increasing the production as well as a new storage area. Moreover, the facility received a social area where employees will relax as well as socialize with each other. Service areas and shipping and receiving areas were also improved. There was also an improvement in terms of refrigerated rooms meant to store waste containers. Besides, the facility has received a new test kitchen that will improve the quality of the products the company manufactures.