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OSI Group stands as the top protein supplier in the world

OSI Group emerged as one among hundreds of meat products suppliers around the world to empower the restaurants’ with protein supply. OSI Group made its figure on the map of the world by its services to the McDonald’s. In this position, it advanced greatly as the years went by, outdoing the rest in line and eventually became the sole supplier of meat patties to the McDonald. Its growth and development later incorporated the production of other products besides the meat products into their industries. Some of the clients with the other demands include Pizza Hut, Subway, Starbucks and Papa John’s Pizza whereas the besides meat patties, they produce hot dogs, pizza, fish, bacon, vegetables, and poultry.

The diversity in products by OSI Group has been growing through the year relentlessly as keeps on taking in new companies in food industries, therefore bringing in new products in food manufacturing. To expand its effects in the Europe, OSI Group acquired the Baho Foods, a Dutch company, and the Flagship Foods Group. OSI Group’s hand in the market share was taken a notch higher as the two new acquisitions came in with different product lines.

Viewing the Baho Foods, the company covers many branches all across the Netherlands and Germany. It is known for its deli meat and food snacks that are delicious and convenient in restaurants. OSI Groups aim at leaving the Baho Food to go on with their line to make it possible operates normally. On the same note, Baho Food is likely to continue expanding the quality and quantity of it’s as it will be enjoying the benefits from the multi-billion companies that has consumed it.

Flagship Food Group, on the other hand, majors in frozen poultry, mayonnaise, dressing and Oliver James pies. Its products even before acquisition by OSI Group were sold throughout the UK. NOW UNDER THE MULTI-BILLION COMPANY, Flagship Foods Group plans to expand more and further acquire new industries including Calder Foods-dealer in a line of dips and sandwich fillings.

In yet another big step in growth, OSI Group acquired the Tyson Foods located in Chicago. OSI Group purchased Tyson Foods that has been running its effects in food products door years at an amount equal to $7.4 million. Many people were to lose jobs, but the acquisition by OSI Group helped retain the job positions. Four hundred and eighty employees were deemed to lose jobs before the company was acquired.

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