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OSI Group’s Determination to Maintain the Environment Safe Win them Global Awards

Environmental safety commitment is pivotal to any business. Businesses and investments should strive to exploit nature to satisfy their rights without compromising the rights of the future generation. The issue of the environment has become very pertinent such that governments have formed organs to oversee and reward businesses that exemplary observe laws of nature. OSI Group is such a business that maintains a good track record in ensuring a safe environment as well as caring for health and safety of the employees’ working condition.

A Look at OSI Group’s Global Expansion

OSI Group is a private renowned meat processing company in America mainly dealing with food services and retail in Aurora. In the year 2016, OSI food solution, which a sub group of OSI Group was awarded the Globe of Honor, whereas the OSI Group pocketed the Sword of Honor. For any company to be legible to this award, they must have obtained five stars in the awareness audit by the British safety council. The companies had to continue demonstrating keen observance and management of environmental concerns throughout the business to a panel of experts which was independent.

Award Presentation

Mike Robinson who is the CEO presented that award to Kelly Gramwood who is the Environmental manager in OSI Group. OSI Group has worn the same awards twice previously in 2013 and 2015. This is a vivid illustration that illustration that commitment to the environment is part is one thing that the company is ever putting forth in all its deliberations.

OSI Group’s Management

OSI Group has its headquarters at Aurora Illinois; it was founded in the year 1909 as a meat market. It evolved to Otto and Sons and changed to OSI Industries in 1975. Today it stands at position thirty nine among great food processors in the U.S, but operates beyond the boundary of the USA. OSI produces many items which include but not limited to beef, cheese products, dough, fruit, poultry, bacon and sausage.

The Outline of the Company

The OSI Group is showing commitment and vehemence to expand their region of operation each day. Just in the recent past, OSI industries did acquire Baho, Food which as a way of expanding international territory. Additionally, they acquired a Dutch food company dealing snacks as well as meat. The focus of these investments is to increase the capacity of the enterprise to serve several clients optimally in the entire world.

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