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Passion for fashion with CEO Adam Goldenberg

Passion is the key to realizing significant rewards for hard work. That is the case especially with the founder and CEO of TechStyle Group, Adam Goldenberg. He is popular for his various accomplishments in entrepreneurship and the e-commerce platform. Having started his business model at a young age of 15, he has grown his experience over the years to become an expert in the fashion field.

Through a bit of external help and a unique ability to spot trends, develop leading brands and focus on business growth, Adam Goldenberg was able to create a highly successful company. He sold his first company after five years of starting. Adam Goldenberg later become the Chief Operations Officer of Intermix Officer where he became of the youngest people working in this position. He then left the company to become the founder of JustFab that recently changed its name to TechStyle. Through the help of Don Ressler, Mr. Goldenberg has focused on a business model that makes great strides and advancements.

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Adam Goldenberg is currently focusing on advancing his business as a venture partner with Crosscut Ventures. While the project is at its beginning stage, there is a lot to expect from the ever expanding and developing brands. Adam Goldenberg believes that he has a mindset of helping entrepreneurs stay relevant to their growth. Together with Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg has been at the forefront of progressive leadership under Fabletics. The two long-term partners have partnered with Kate Hudson to advance Fabletics, a brand of TechStyle that focuses on activewear fashion. Fabletics has increasingly grown and has established itself as a brick and mortar store. The company plans to open close to 100 new stores within the next five years.

After working for Intermix Media for a long time, Mr. Goldenberg left the company since NewsCorp had bought it out and he had little influence about its business model and operations. Adam Goldenberg started Intelligent Beauty Company where he distributed health products in the market. He later looked for something that would easily sway buyers and decided to focus on selling fashion. He did this through the creation of JustFab, later renamed to TechStyle.

TechStyle has increasingly grown to become a market leader company that relies its marketing plan on social media. The company displays an array of fancy and affordable clothing. Adam Goldenberg has received tremendous support from people that enjoy the company’s business model. Kimora Lee, a celebrity and model, loved the business operations of the company and joined the team to bring her ideas to the design team.

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