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Paul Mampilly Says Bitcoin Is Part Of A Cryptocurrency Bubble Problem

Bitcoin experienced an explosion in the stock market in 2017 as investors started becoming impressed with this new form of digital data currency that could be mined and that was not regulated by central banks. Investor and author Paul Mampilly also has studied cryptocurrency along with Ian King, a colleague of his. Mampilly told his article readers at Banyan Hill that Bitcoin was one investment he had not foreseen reaching the levels it did in 2017, but even though he likes the idea of using cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in the future, he said Bitcoin has a problem at the moment. Read more about Paul on

Paul Mampilly hearkened his readers back to 2000 when the tech industry suffered because of the dot-com bubbled that wiped out a lot of online businesses because various company stocks grew too high and reached levels that were unsustainable. He also said the price climb in the housing market that led to the 2008 recession also came from the demand reaching levels that it shouldn’t have. Bitcoin became too popular that its overall price got too high and now will be coming down hard. Mampilly says it could experience a few temporary upward climbs, but investors should not be fooled into buying it. He did say another electronic currency is out there, but what that is is something he only shares with his newsletter readers. Learn more about Paul on

Managing his own stock portfolio and giving customers advice is what Paul Mampilly has been happiest doing out of all the years he’s been in the financial world. He holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Montclair State University and an MBA from Fordham University, and he’s been in banking with some of Manhattan’s top banking firms like ING, Deutsche Bank and Banker’s Trust. He also spent 7 years as managing director at Kinetics International Fund managing billions of dollars in investments, and he also showed the Templeton Foundation how to make a safe but profitable stock investment during the 2008 crisis that gained 76% and didn’t short any stocks. But the high salary Mampilly made while doing all of this was not what he really wanted.


Paul Mampilly wanted his investment advice to be given to hardworking Americans and allow them to gain the same kind of wealth that the big money executives also have. His own portfolio has had early stocks for Facebook and Netflix in years past, and now he shows his subscribers how future company stocks could also be real revenue generators. His three newsletters are “Profits Unlimited,” “Extreme Fortunes” and “True Momentum” and they can all be found by going to