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Roc Nation Continues To Flourish With The Aid Of Desiree Perez

The music industry has been going through some major changes in recent years with the development of streaming services which are eliminating the need for artists to sell millions of physical albums and singles. Instead, rapper and Roc Nation founder, Jay-Z has been looking to place the power in music streaming back in the hands of artists with the development of his Tidal service; the streaming platform has recently benefited from a deal worth $200 million with the cell phone giant, Sprint.

Many industry experts immediately looked to the influence of Roc Nation executive, Desiree Perez and her role in the development of the deal with Sprint which followed on from a series of deals negotiated by the music industry insider who has found herself leading the so-called “Hova circle of influence”. Roc Nation has always operated with a loose approach to the responsibilities of executives who can choose to work with individual artists within the business structure developed by Desiree Perez and Jay-Z. Desiree Perez has spent much of her career working with Jay-Z and has developed her career by taking on many different responsibilities including the decision to launch the Roc Nation Sports talent agency.

Forming strategic partnerships has become the main concern of Desiree Perez as she embarks on the next stage of her career at Roc Nation and as she pursues her own range of entrepreneurial opportunities. Strategic partnerships with sponsors and important brands now play a major role in the Roc Nation story as Rihanna has continued her Desiree Perez negotiated a link with Samsung and Jay-Z begins a partnership with sportswear giant, Puma. Further partnerships have also been created with the aid of Desiree Perez including a recent music publishing deal with the Universal Music Group following on from the continuation of a decade-old deal between Roc Nation and Live Nation.