Rodrigo Terpin to Grace the 2017 Sertoes Rally as the Perrenial Racer of all Time

Rodrigo Terpin is one of the most celebrated rally drivers in Brazilian rally scene courtesy of his long cumulative years as a rally driver winning major titles. Nevertheless, he has also helped other rally drivers to scale up their passion for driving to stay afloat in this sector. Since he began participating in Rally dos Sertoes, the Brazilian rally drivers and fans have witnessed a rejuvenated and a much committed Rodrigo Terpin as the country awaits the 2017 edition of the Sertoes Cross Country Championship. According to the organizers of the event, the stakes for this year’s edition are high as it has drawn more than 500 participants: 85 more than last year’s edition. Among the notable names to watch in this year event include Joao Franciosi, Romeu and Luis Nacif Filipe who were the best rally drivers in the 2016 edition.

What is in Store for the 2017 Rally dos Sertoes

In the 2017 Sertoes, the rally will have a tight schedule comprising an initial displacement of 23 kilometers, and a special section to be traversed with a distance of 210 kilometers. For the final displacement of this rally, there would be a distance of 129 kilometers hence cumulatively the total distance for that day will sum up to 361 kilometers. As the norm, the event will invite over ten categories ranging from trucks, T1, motorcycles, and even quadrcycles. Since the T1 category represents boasts of a host of experienced names.


It is the category that attracts a host of experienced rally drivers such as the Bulls Team that comprise the Rodrigo family, Borries and Biancheni. Aboard the T-Rex, they will also seek to prove that their model is one of the best and will withstand the rough terrains. With the dirt and muddy roads spanning the more than 2000 kilometers across the stretch, the event will be no different form the earlier events. The race will also see some of the most experienced rally drivers take part in this year’s competition. Rodrigo Terpin will be the oldest competitor in this race as others such as Davison Rabecci and Roberto Reijers gracing the rally competition. You can visit his Vimeo page to see more.