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SahmAdrangiAnd KCM (Kerrisdale Capital Management)

According to SahmAdrangi, KCM (Kerrisdale Capital Management) has taken a new investment thesis that is not common with small companies. The firm took the approach with the aim of betting against the single stock fund. With the new investment thesis, KCM has managed to raise over hundred million dollars from sustainable investors. However, the primary focus of the funds is different. Usually, such kind of investments is used for the recovery of already distressed energy companies and drowning mortgage-backed securities.Sahm and Wilson are working on report, website, and video with the focus on coming up with a campaign that will help them convince other investors about their investment thesis. However, the information about the campaign was not intended to the public because of the anonymity of the target company. Additionally, the fund is used to buy stock with the aim of establishing a position in the unnamed business firm.Currently, Kerrisdale Capital Management manages more than $500 million plus the funds it recently raised. It is also known for betting against companies and taking the cases public. Examples of the companies that its short positions include Zafgen and Sage Therapeutics. Its primary hedge fund that bets against and for business stocks has an average annual return that is equivalent to 28% within the last five years of doing business.
About SahmAdrangi
SahmAdrangi is the current CIO of Kerrisdale Capital Management, a company that he founded in 2009. Sahm started the company with less than $1 million, and it currently manages over $150 million according to July 2017 newsletter. Kerrisdale Capital Management is known for research publishing and short selling. As the founder, Mr. Sahm is sharing the views of his firm on stocks, overrated shorts, and under-followed longs, which are not understood by the market. The research that is carried out by Kerrisdale Capital Management is used to correct the misconception about fundamental business prospects of different companies.Mr. Adrangi first made his name by exposing and shorting fraudulent companies such as Lihua International, China-Biotics, and China Marine Food Group between 2010 and 2011. While the research done by KCM is based on a broad variety of companies and industries, Mr. Adrangi has converted the focus of the company on specific sectors, which it has developed a high level of expertise. One area of interest is in biotechnology.