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Samuel Strauch And Real Estate Achievement

Samuel Strauch is a renowned investor and real estate agent who is based in Miami, Florida. He has a strong educational background on his side, having graduated from numerous esteemed institutions of higher learning. These are Harvard University, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Hofstra University.

Strauch worked in the banking field toward the beginning of his career. After that, he began working in real estate. Real estate has been a tradition in his family for quite some time. Working in real estate encouraged Strauch to launch a company of his own. This was called Metrik Real Estate. Metrik Real Estate is headquartered in Florida. It’s a firm that has accomplished many things. It expands by the day as well. The agency concentrates on a wide range of subjects. Some examples of these are property management, property development, acquisitions and equity sourcing.

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Samuel is a person who has a commitment to his line of work that’s strong and unwavering. He still manages to squeeze in time to devote to his beloved pastimes, though. Photography is among his hobbies. He adores taking pictures any time he gets the opportunity to do so. Strauch is also an individual who has a penchant for meditation. Meditating is an activity he finds extremely soothing and calming. It’s also an activity that enables him to concentrate better day in and day out. He makes a point to meditate every morning before conquering his day.

This real estate powerhouse is not someone who ever dwells on things that he simply cannot change. Regret simply isn’t a part of his existence. He understands fully that being alive is something that comes with many obstacles. He also believes that errors are natural, normal and healthy. Samuel Strauch thinks that mistakes are an integral component to getting better in this world. He does think, however, that he’s made some key mistakes throughout his career. Strauch acknowledges that he’s been rather gullible and vulnerable in the past. He acknowledges that he put his trust, faith and confidence in certain individuals who perhaps did not deserve it. That was a major lesson for him.