Securus Makes Stands up For their Industry

A company cannot afford to exude such a low level of integrity, continuing to affect their customers and other companies in the industry, yet go scot free. An allowance of 18 years is enough allowance to make change. This is the case of Securus and GTL.

It has been exactly 18 years since GTL was accused, investigated and found to be liable for some wrongdoings in their service delivery. Things like double billing and deliberate overcharging of customers affects the customers who have no option than to use companies such as GTL in order to keep connected with their loved ones. However, this does not stop there. If clients no longer have trust in GTL, they will lose trust in the industry as a whole. And, this would affect companies such as GTL and other players in the same industry.

Therefore, whether through Securus or another player in the industry, it was time that something was done. GTL had to learn that they were not invisible. That someone was watching them and they had just got fed up by their ill behaviors.

Securus started by setting a trend of high integrity standards for GTL and others in the industry. They worked in themselves first, removed the log in their eye, and then saw it fit to correct GTL. By upholding high standards of honesty, transparency and trustworthiness, they got themselves an A+ rating from BBB accreditations. Getting this accreditation was an indirect way of telling GTL that they needed to change their ways and follow suit.

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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  1. In any case, GTL didn’t get. Subsequently, came the requirement for Securus to make an immediate move Shine light on the bad behaviors of GTL. This is something that ought to have been done years prior. It is a very good course that dissertation writing has done something so important for them which indeed is very critical in this aspect and I mean it if they do no desist.

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