Securus Technologies Brings Decades Experience To ContactUs, Saving Millions

Securus Technologies has been providing solutions for inmates incarcerated throughout correctional facilities in the United States since 1986. With thirty years’ close experience, the company has expanded from Texas to provide services for over 2,000 correctional facilities across the country. In addition, Securus works with some 1,500 other facilities that also deal with convicted individuals.

Working with so many institutions nationally has given the tech people at Securus ample time to explore infrastructural eccentricities per institution. One thing they’ve uncovered is an unnecessary expenditure of time and resources in the collection and catalog of complaints and grievances forms. 13.8 forms are filed on average by every prisoner in every institution on a monthly basis. Institutions can have a wide variance of size, but larger institutions often house 100+ inmates. That’s 1,380+ forms every month.

In total, if only five minutes total are devoted to each form, that’s 6900 minutes, or 115 hours. The ultimate total? $2300 in man hours at $20 an hour. Expand those numbers to a year’s spending, and it turns out well over $20,000 is being spent on an annual basis that is unnecessary. Even with the implementation of ContactUs, and the drastically diminished time involved in prisoners directly documenting their complaints and grievances to a database which can be regularly accessed, any institution that deals with these situations stands to save thousands of dollars every year through ConnectUs.

Perhaps the quality of savings and utility Securus Technologies brings to correctional facilities is something that has contributed to the company’s A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Considering the 2,000+ facilities they work with on a yearly basis, potential savings from ConnectUs could, and very likely will, easily run into the millions. Freeing up resources for correctional facilities will make more successful rehabilitative procedures possible. That’s definitely worth an A+.

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