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Sheldon Lavin: The OSI Group’s Innovative, Visionary, Caring Chief Executive

There are many reasons why the Vision World Academy chose to give OSI Group chairman and CEO Sheldon their Global Visionary award. The main reason is that Lavin exemplifies everything for which the award stands. It was meant to honor people that demonstrated persistence and perseverance in attaining their goals. And over more than 40 years Sheldon Lavin has done just that. He has transformed a Midwestern United States meat processing company into an international food processing giant that is beloved by consumers in 85 countries for their dough, vegetable, meat, poultry and fish products.

Sheldon Lavin has been helping the company that became known as the OSI Group ever since the early 1970s when it was called Otto & Sons. He helped the company purchase new equipment and move into larger facilities. Lavin thought the company had such a bright future even then that he began purchasing their stock. When the owners retired in the late 1970s Sheldon Lavin took control of the company. From the very beginning his goal was to make it an unparalleled global concern. He began creating systems designed to maintain the high quality products for which the company was known

Over the course of a few years Sheldon Lavin instituted a series of policies that protected the safety of the workers at the company’s facilities, kept the quality of the food they produced high and ensured the processes the OSI Group used did little, if any, damage to the environment. Those practices earned Sheldon Lavin and the OSI Group an unending string of awards and accolades for keeping their workers, their products and the environment safe. When the company expanded into Europe, the British Safety Council awarded the OSI Group their Globe of Honor for environmental safety three times.

But Sheldon Lavin is more than just an excellent visionary CEO. He is also committed to philanthropy and gives generously to a variety of charitable causes and organizations. Lavin was also the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s director for several years. Plus, Lavin is also the Rush University Medical Center’s general trustee. Most importantly, he’s a gentle and loving husband, father and grandfather. Sheldon Lavin is also a man who has used his time, talent and energy to ensure that his customers are satisfied and his staff is happy, healthy and well compensated.

For all of these reasons Sheldon Lavin is worthy of copious praise.

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