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Southridge Capital Emerges as Top Financial Advisory Firm for Corporate Clients

Southridge Capital is a financial services company that works with corporations and institutional organizations. The firm is based in the state of Connecticut and has office locations in both Fairfield and New York City. Since 1996, the firm has built a reputation as being one of the most reputable financial services firms. Southridge Capital specializes in providing financial advisory services along with assistance with raising capital. In order to accommodate its clients, the firm uses its expertise and techniques to ensure that clients get the best financial management possible. During the last two decades, Southridge Capital has expanded throughout the United States and to other markets all over the world. With is geographic presence and services, Southridge Capital has been able to make a positive impact on companies looking to ensure the financial health of their organization.


There are a number of services that are offered by Southridge Capital that have proven to help many corporate and institutional clients. The main services offered are financial but the firm is also involved in commercial real estate. When it comes to the financial services offered, Southridge Capital provides assistance with acquisitions, mergers, debt structuring and financial advisory. These services often help companies find ways to reach their unique goals and objectives on a consistent basis. Whether a company is looking to get advice on how to file bankruptcy or complete a merger and acquisition, Southridge has its team of professionals provide the necessary guidance for these clients. As well as providing assistance with advising clients, Southridge Capital is also very active in helping companies raise capital with a number of funding services. As a result, companies are often able to more easily issue new stock publicly.  You can visit their twitter account for more details.


The executive team of Southridge Capital is one of the reasons why the firm has been very successful. Stephen Hicks is the main executive who has helped guide the firm. As the chief executive officer and founder, Stephen provides many years of experience and expertise to the financial services industry. He spent many years working for firms in both arbitrage and investment banking. Hicks was also part of a hedge fund firm as well which was the experience he had prior to founding Southridge Capital. To see more visit