Success in Fashion E-Commerce: Adam Goldenberg

Adam Goldenberg, half the team that founded JustFab, is an unlikely candidate to launch a fashion site. He and his partner, Don Ressler, set out to change the clothing e-commerce business, and they have done just that. JustFab is a successful fashion subscription e-commerce that has changed the way the subscription service does business. They mix passion and fun to create their internet based fashion empire.

Adam Goldenberg has experience in founding companies. His first company was founded at age 15, which he sold to Intermix Media. He became the Chief Operating Officer of Intermix at age 20, making him the youngest COO. He met Don Ressler during his time at Intermix. After Intermix was acquired by another company, Ressler and Goldberg decided to start their own company. The idea started as Intelligent Beauty on fabletics.com, where they helped to establish several different types of health and beauty brands. During this concept phase, they decided to create a whole new shopping experience. They wanted to offering trendy fashion and social interaction in a way that was brand new.

Adam Goldenberg needed to figure out how that fashion can work online. The partners decided to make sure it was trendy, fun, and social. Online fashion need to be more interactive in order to work and be successful. Just Fab became a more personalized style experience, where they used stylists and a subscription model to build their company. Adam Goldenberg wanted to give customers personalized selections for a price per month. Through his experience and his partner’s experience, they were able to create a company that successfully surpassed most subscription based online companies.

Goldenberg attributes his success to being driven by the numbers. He encouraged his staff to look at the numbers hourly, not daily. They were an online company and numbers could change instantly. Feedback is important to Goldenberg, and he looks at his customer’s feedback as a way to shape the company on vator.tv. Hiring is very important too. Goldenberg believes that passion is key to employees enjoying their jobs and being successful. Goldenberg knows what it takes to be successful. If the product is not what they want, then they won’t shop here.

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