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Susan McGalla Blazes a Trail for Successful Women in Business

Susan McGalla has been a positive role model for aspiring women who are looking to have a successful career in business. She has served with distinction at several companies and is an inspirational figure for other women seeking to make their own mark. She has a range of executive level experience and also founded a consulting business.

The early life of Susan McGalla has been a catalyst for her competitive ways and the fact that she’s unintimidated when working with men. Her father coached football and she held her own with two brothers as she grew up. She wasn’t allowed to cut corners just because she was a girl and worked hard to earn everything that came her way. All of this proved to be fertile ground for the development of a rising professional life.

A strong work ethic ingrained within her during those formative years has paid off handsomely for Susan McGalla. She successfully climbed the corporate ladder at American Eagle Outfitters where she served with distinction as their President. She oversaw the successful launch of major new product lines such as the popular Aerie brand.

Susan McGalla also founded a consulting company called P3 Executive Consulting where she utilized her significant retail experience on behalf of other companies. She calls the Pittsburgh Steelers home these days where she is the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development.

The varied and successful work history of McGalla has given her a unique perspective on how women can duplicate her rise to prominent positions. She’s convinced that women’s leadership initiatives are somewhat limited in what they can accomplish. There have been multitudes of them and the results haven’t been too encouraging. She believes that there’s a better way forward.

Executive mentoring with highly positioned males could be the answer for helping women earn greater roles and responsibilities. McGalla believes that this would lead to better results and open more doors for women to gain valuable experience.

Susan McGalla was born and raised in East Liverpool, Ohio and later attended Mount Union College. She received a Bachelor’s degree in business and marketing and later married wealth manager Stephen McGalla.