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Sussex Healthcare Welcomes Amanda Morgan Taylor

Recently, Sussex Healthcare welcome a new CEO to the company. Amanda Morgan Taylor is now overseeing the company and its 25 facilities. Taking on the role of CEO is a big job, but prior to coming on board with the company, she decided to spend some time getting to know those she would be working with along with learning more about her daily responsibilities in her new role. Read more about Sussex Healthcare at

Spending time with those she would be working with would allow her to get to know her co-workers as well as how the company runs in all departments of the organization. Her first priority was to spend time with senior management, as well as to find ways to improve service. Amanda Morgan Taylor’s first course of action for Sussex Healthcare was to create a new position for her staff. She appointed a Director of Quality Compliance to make sure that everything would be run accordingly.

Amanda Morgan Taylor spent more than 30 years working in the healthcare industry, and it was in 1984 that she became a nurse, working in mental health. Her experience led her to working in various positions including working with the local authorities in public health. This has allowed her to see how different families handle illness as well as what they expect when caring for loved ones. Read more at about Sussex Healthcare.

Working with the senior management team, she has her work cut out for her. There is a lot to be done, and she still has much to learn about the company and how they operate within various aspects of their services. The goal is to improve the culture and care provided by Sussex Healthcare.

The hiring of Ms. Morgan Taylor is a winning move for Sussex Healthcare, and it’s a big win for the joint chairmen of the company. This appointment will bring a big win to the table, and it will encourage families to seek them out for the best care for their loved ones.