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Talkspace Offers Licensed Therapists to Talk to You

Talkspace is an application that is hosted in New York City and is based on helping people lead everyday healthy lives mentally through therapy. There are trained professionals present on Talkspace to help clients all over the world talk about their lives. Since many people lead busy lifestyles, Talkspace has become a convenient application for them to use when they are traveling or do not have time to make a sit down appointment. It is important for citizens to lead lifestyles that are not high in anxiety, because this can put their own life in danger. Using Talkspace to talk out problems or issues that might arise within your own life is a huge advantage when using the internet. Since this therapy is offered online, there are six free classes with schedule individual licensed professionals who can help you get through your struggles. It is important to keep in mind that this process is pressure free. On Talkspace, you can use text-based chatting with the therapist, and can also use media sharing which entails video, photo, and audio messaging. If you are worried about your identity being exposed, keep in mind that the site hosts you as anonymous if you choose to be. You can use Talkspace on your computer or phone and can even request a new therapist if you feel the need to. The site has a monthly fee if you are planning to stick around and become a real member. After paying your fee, you will have access to unlimited time with your therapist. This place is a common space for writers, travelers, and people with depression or anxiety. You should remember to seek medical attention and help if your mental illness is more severe.