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Ted Bauman and His Predictions for the Stock Market

Ted Bauman is an investment analyst who gives advice to his readers of The Bauman Letter, The Plan B Club, and Alpha Stock Alert. His readers are assured he is an expert at much of what he talks about in his publications.

Ted Bauman was from Washington DC. He grew up in Maryland and went to school in South Africa. At school, he studied economics and history. He was the founder of Slum Dwellers International. His organization has helped fourteen million people in thirty five countries.

Ted Bauman recently sat down with and talked about his work and what makes him productive in his work. Here are just some of the things he said. He also has stated in his recent edition of the Bauman Letter what could make the stock market crash. Here are some things about his three predictions on the stock market.

Ted Bauman thinks the most productive time of the day is located in the early morning. He will work on what lies in front of him during the early morning. He stops working at 5 each day regardless of when he starts. Some days he starts earlier than others. Most days he takes his daughter to learn and then goes to his basement office where he begins work. There he will get most of his work carried out in the earlier part of the day. He learned a great deal from working at McDonald’s, Burger King, and several gas stations. He learned how to put in a strenuous day’s work.

There are three predictions Ted Bauman recently shared on what will make the stock market crash. These predictions are the average ratio returning, the yield curve being recognized, and crash and bounce. He says that there is already evidence of there being a crash and bounce scenario. His best advice is if the stock market does crash to hold on to your stocks. He says that the last time there were a crash and bounce was 1987. When the stock market crashed, it was back up by the end of 1987. These are his best advice for all investors to defend their wealth.