The Avengers of the Academy of Art University

As the new blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War takes global theaters by storm, the graduates of the Academy of Art University must be watching the film’s growing accolades with pride and envy. It was one of their fellow alumni, Jan Philip Cramer, who helped build the Avenger’s universe, as the film’s animation supervisor.


“These are the moments you dream of,” Cramer is said to have told his old friends at the Academy. Having worked on previous hits like Avatar and Deadpool, the skills Cramer learned at the Academy, earning a BFA in 2004, are a clear testament to the school’s curriculum. The success of its alumni should be no surprise, having graduated thousands of students since its founding in 1929, by painter and magazine editor Richard S. Stephens.


Considered to be the largest private art school in the United States, the Academy currently has over 12,000 students and almost 1500 teachers. Cramer credits a program that focused on more than just visual effects for his success. The well-rounded curriculum includes a heavy focus on art itself, which has enhanced the visual elements Cramer draws and designs.


Situated in the urban heart of San Francisco, the Academy offers degrees in over 30 disciplines, plus a number of continuing education and pre-college programs. This includes visual arts, such as animation and motion pictures, as well as performing arts and writing for film and television. The Academy views its location amidst the dynamic crossroads of technology and culture found in the Bay area as one its great strengths, a symbiotic relationship of inspiration and culture between students and city.


Cramer is not alone in his post-graduation, professional successes. In 2017 alone, the Academy saw more than 50 of its alumni honored with Golden Globe nominations. Additionally, 20 films honored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with Oscar nominations included the work of Academy graduates.


As Cramer continues work on future projects, including surefire hits like the Ant-Man sequel and the first Captain Marvel film, it is certain his work and that of the Academy’s alumni will continue to bring art and life to screens across the world.

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