The Celebrated Barbara Stokes

Green Structure Homes, GHS is a business company that deals with the delivery of wood frames and steel for homes. GSH recommends the use of modern technology and methods that will conserve the environment. The apartments constructed in such a way that they conserve energy, and they are cheap. GSH construction is customized to the client in such a way to accommodate their budget. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

GSH fabricate materials within a short frame of time to meet the demands of the customers and characterized by low maintenance cost and low energy consumption. The homes made with the integration of modern technology in such a way that the houses can withstand harsh weather conditions. The customized homes built in the preferred style and design of the user. The apartments are available in one or multiple bedroom entities.

The homes are designed in the layout of executive houses on the exterior while the interior plan depends on the taste of the user. The apartments are guaranteed to be top notch with inspections carried out by experts after every step of the construction process. Green Structured Homes uses the services of Barbara stokes in running the company since 2011.

Barbara Stokes is the CEO of GSH company based in Alabama. Barbara has a wide range of talents that enable her to steer the company to success such as disaster management skills. The skills in disaster management have helped GSH construct houses with minimal damage in case of an accident and also the reconstruction of homes affected by natural calamities.



Barbara is a former student of Mercer University where she obtained an undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering. The institution has equipped Barbara Stokes with necessary skills to run the company such as project management, design and construction, government contracting and managerial skills. Several employment opportunities have come in GHS under the leadership of Barbara Stokes.

Barbara has been able to strike a partnership deal with Skyline Company. The affiliation will assist GHS to expand its operation to Kansas, Lancaster, and Arkansas. FEMA a client to GHS will be able to be supplied with overhaul services to modular homes affected by natural disasters. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.