Brand Identity

The (EOS) Lip Balm Revolution

In a world that’s saturated with many of the same products, finding that perfect product can be frustrating and lip balms are no exception. When you think of lip balm, Chapstick is probably the first product yo think of. As of 2016, EOS is the brand that is making new waves in this cluttered industry. (EOS) which means Evolution of Smooth, is the next generation of lip balms and it’s the second best selling lip balm in the nation. Lip balm products have become predictable and bland overtime, but EOS has redesigned the blueprint with it’s egg shaped containers.

What helps the brand “stick out” is it’s organic and natural ingredient list. Being a product that’s predominately used by women, strategic marketing efforts were set into play and the results were astounding. Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms were part of EOS strategy. Everyone was trying to get their hands on this innovative new product as it’s selling around $1 Million Units per week. It’s the current highest demanded lip balm available on Target and estimated growths are expected $2 Billion in sells by the year 2020. That’s right! Evolution of Smooth will be the undisputed king on this current track. A lot of research was done in the making of the product and the company wanted it to appeal to all senses. This strategy is genius as it makes the balm more of a commodity by creating an emotional connection. EOS started out at Walgreens, but with the huge success, more offers came in and now it can be bought from Walmart, ULTA, Lucky Vitamin, and Target stores worldwide.

Evolution of Smooth is reshaping the industry for the better with this innovative product and with the it’s selective styled marketing, the brand will exceed all expectation through the coming years. Evolution of Smooth is the future of all lip balm products on the market.