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The Expansion Of Bumble With A Diverse User Base

Whitney Wolfe is ultimately someone that keeps a level head when it comes to the direction that she wants to go in with her business. She has had people that are saying that she is stealing ideas, but she does not let any of this phase her. She has also had incidents where people have tried to copy her ideas, but she has not been phased by this either. The obvious reason for this has a lot to do with the way that Whitney Wolfe processes information.

She is not someone that is standing on the sidelines and waiting for someone else to do something innovative before she copies what they are doing. To the contrary, CEO Whitney Wolfe is expanding Bumble in a magnificent way, and this is something that was in the plans all along. She never wanted to stay stagnant and only do a dating app. To the contrary Whitney Wolfe wanted to become someone that could branch out in a plethora of ways.

It’s exactly what she has done with Bumble. Whitney Wolfe has made it possible for more women to reap the benefits of a dating app that involves a lot less sexual harassment. Whitney Wolfe has put herself in the driver’s seat and given people a whole new perspective on how they can improve meeting their significant other.

This is not the only thing that Whitney Wolfe has been capable of. She has managed to create an expensive app platform that is branching out beyond what she initially has been known for. She knew that there would be a time where her app would be faced with tremendous competition by others in the dating app development spectrum.

What most people would not consider was the fact that Whitney Wolfe was well aware of her competition and making arrangements to adjust and expand her app.

Right now Bumble is one of the hottest apps around, and it continues to be one of the app leaders in multiple areas. It is not limited to dating. It is not limited to Friendship building (Bumble BFF). It is not even limited to business networking (Bumble Bizz). What it has become is a multi-dimensional app that continues to cater to a wide range of needs.

The dating app environment is better because of Bumble, but social media in general is better because of Bumble diversity. It has something for everyone.