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The Future of Economic Security & leadership For Women

When it comes to leadership and economic security, women have unfortunately taken a backseat when being compared to men. This scenario is going on in every field of work, and it has been going on for quite some time. Fortunately, we are living in some of the most modern of times, and the 21st century has brought forth a progressive change. As of today, women actually host some of the most important job positions in society. They are running many of their own successful companies, and they are now starting to receive the recognition that comes along with the territory.

The Dallas Women’s Foundation’s 32nd Annual Luncheon was held last year in October, and it brought in a huge crowd. This extraordinary event has been growing at a dramatic rate since its inception. Thanks to the its keynote speaker, over 10,000 students got a chance to view this event via livestream. The 10,000 students represents more than 20 schools on the North Texas region of the state. The keynote address was provided by Dr. Hope Jahrel. Dr. Jahrel personifies female empowerment to the highest degree. This magnificent woman is very accomplished thanks to her extended educational-base. She is a scientist, a doctor and an army of one. Being the world’s largest women’s fund, the Dallas Women’s Foundation brings in over a thousand individuals each year to this event, and it was held at Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, Texas.

NexBank SSB has played a key role in supporting this organization, and its movement. The Dallas-based bank has a deep interest in women’s empowerment, and it has donated over $100,000 to its cause. NexBank SSB came into fruition back in 1934. It works with everyday people as well as large corporations, real estate firms and middle-management companies. The dynamic duo of NexBank and the Dallas Women’s Foundation is laying a blueprint of success for all others to follow.