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The Iconic Feature behind Securus Success-Rick Smith.

The CEO of a company is one of the most significant determinants of the company. Securus Technologies is an example of a firm that has flourished out of great leadership. Rick Smith, who is the chief executive officer of the company, assumed office in 2008.This was the beginning of the significant changes in business.A lot of changes has been noticed since the Smith Era began. The architect of the company has been designed to fit the company’s specifications. More and more firms continue to sign up with the company for safety.Under the leadership of Rick Smith, the company has been able to serve a lot of people and organizations without any difficulties. Over 2600 correctional services and 100000 inmates depend on the company for high tech provision.

With the help of Rick Smith, the company has enforced the meaning of the correctional facilities by eliminating its negativities. For example, the company has innovated some gadgets that allow communication between inmates and their relatives. They can either make video calls or audio calls.The company has also come up with programs that allow the relatives of the inmates to communicate from home. This has helped those families whose inmates are locked far away.With this constant communication, the inmates heal of faster and reform to better people. This is from the desire to join their loved families who show them compassion when in jail.Rick Smith has also given the inmates a chance to stay updated with the ongoing of the world. This is to facilitate quick adjustments after they are released.The Securus gadgets gave also been used in solving multiple cases. This is because they are reliable as they are highly coded, and only the designer can crack it.

What are the Qualities that Rick Smith Possess?

Rick Smith has many qualities that have made it possible to run such a prominent business. To start with, Rick Smith has a rich academic background. He is an MBA holder, has a master in mathematics and engineering and a bachelor degree in engineering. All these education achievements were from highly ranked institutions.Rick Smith is also experienced, which is one of the factors contributing to his success. Rick Smith worked with numerous firms before landing in Securus Company. He left an excellent reputation in all businesses because of the significant positive difference he always made.He initially worked with Global Crossing North America Inc. Here he worked in different departments. It is through his experience here that he learned the importance of every department in an organization. He later worked at Eschelon Company as the CEO. Here he raised their revenue to $350 million from the initial $30 million. It is after this that he was hired by Securus Technology as the CEO.