The influence of Greg Secker on the Forex Trade

Greg Secker is not just an ordinary businessman. He is a creator and an innovative mind who has transformed the forex trade with timely ideas. His company the Virtual Trading Desk(VTD) was the first online real-time forex trading space. The VTD platform allowed customers to trade massive volumes across distances.

Greg’s career took off at the when he joined Thomas Cook Financial services. He later joined Mellon Financial Corporation which was then listed as a Fortune 500 company. This exposure served him well, giving him an opportunity to work alongside some of the world’s leading Forex brokers. His success on the brokerage floor saw him set up a trading floor in his home which grew to become a world-class company, Learn to Trade. In a span of slightly over a decade, the company has spread its wings, opening offices in London, Australia, South Africa and the Philippines, effectively enlightening over 200 00 people on various aspects of Forex.

Interesting, Greg Secker studied Agricultural and Food Sciences at the University of Nottingham. The Norfork-born entrepreneur has received several accolades over the year for his overreaching achievements. In 1998, Greg received the British Telkom Award for creating the VTD platform. Through his Knowledge to Action enterprise, he was a finalist in the 2009 London Excellence Awards. In 2010,the company was placed 49th in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 Awards.

An international speaker, Greg has shared a platform with established personalities such as Guy Kiyosaki, the acclaimed writer of Rich Dad; Poor Dad. Among other companies under his belt are SmartCharts, a software development company, Capital Index and FX Capital.

Greg Secker is undoubtedly a force to reckon with in the Forex trade. Not only is he passionate about helping people grow but also participates in philanthropy work. In 2017, Richtopia, a London-based research company placed Secker at number 151 on the list of Top 200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs.

With a passion to make an impact in the financial sector Greg is raising the bar by leveraging technology to demystify Forex trade. His input in the sector and will obviously be highly influential in chatting the direction of the financial market.