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The life changing undertakings of George Soros

One of the globes greatest philanthropists, George Soros, holds a record of having given away more than $12 billion as funds. This money has supported corporations and individuals all over the world. It has assisted those fighting for transparency, freedom of expression, and societies seeking equality and justice among others. Its main focus is to help those facing discrimination due to who they are. Some of these groups of people include drug users, LGBTI, and the people of Roma in Europe. Soros was born in 1930, where he later lived in the Nazi occupation during 1944 to 1945. This resulted to the killings of more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews. Coming from a Jewish family, he and his family managed to survive by using fake identity papers which hid their real backgrounds. They also helped a number of people do the same so as to remain alive. As Mr. Soros recalled this encounter, he stated that they did not give in to fate, but rather resisted it regardless of how strong it was, and succeeded. Moreover, they did not only manage to survive, but also managed to assist others in doing the same.

After launching the Soros Fund Management in 1970, he has become one of the greatest investors in the United States of America. He later utilized his fortune to found the Open Society Foundations. This name for his foundation was inspired by Karl Popper from his book known as Open Society and Its Enemies. In this book, Karl claims that there is no ideology or philosophy that is the last arbiter of truth. He also says that for societies to thrive, they have to support the freedom of expression, respect all the stated rights and allow governance to be democratic. This is the approach taken by the Open Society Foundations.In 1979, Mr. Soros began his works of philanthropy by offering scholarships to the South Africans who were under apartheid. In the following year, he promoted open and free exchange of ideas to the Eastern communist Bloc.

With time, he extended his philanthropic services to Asia, Africa, and U.S.A. He has supported lawyers and paralegals fighting for persons held unlawfully. He has also paid the fees for thousands of high potential students coming from marginalized societies and groups.The phrase, open society, was clearly introduced in 1932 by Henri Bergson in his book. It was elaborated further by Karl Popper, and Australian philosopher, in his book which was published in 1945. Mr. Popper highlighted that Nazism and communism claimed to hold the final truth. As this final truth cannot be reached by humankind, these ideologies advocate for oppression of others.Popper continued to state that in the society, it is believed that no one can justify the entire truth of everything. This is because every single person has their own interest and view regarding various matters. Therefore, it is essential that there be institutions that permit all these different people to peacefully live with one another. This is where the team, open society, originated from.