The life of Jim Larkin as an activist

Growing up in the Liverpool slums had a negative impact on the studies of Jim Larkin since he barely acquired the necessary formal academic qualifications.

With a limited Source of income, James Larkin had to hustle for additional money to supplement the family income which rarely meets the full needs of the family. It was not until he landed a job as a foreman at the Liverpool docks where he served for some time.

Because James hoped that workers should be treated with fairness, he was not happy, and he decided to Join the National Union of Docks Labourers (NUDL). The passion for fighting for workers’ rights led him to dedicate his full-time membership serving as the trade union organizer of National Union of Docks Labourers (NUDL) at around 1905.

Two years later in 1907, James Larkin’s aggressive approach alarmed the NUDL, and as a result, he would be transferred to Dublin. By the time had settled at Dublin he had an idea that led to the formation of the Irish Transport and General Workers Union. The primary union goal was to establish and combine all the Irish industries workers, whether skilled or unskilled into a single organization. Read more: Jim Larkin | Wikipedia and James Larkin | Biography

He then engineered the formation of Labor Party which was responsible for a series of successful strikes. For instance, the Dublin Lockout in 1913 conducted in eight consecutive months and led by James was a very successful since it achieved its goal of workers getting the right to fair employment.

He was a guy of courage that he carried out a series of anti-war demonstrations during the outbreak of World War I in Dublin. The fight against the British was so intense that he had to make several visits to the United States of America to raise sufficient funds for support of the battle.

Unfortunately, he was sentenced for criminal anarchy and communism in 1920 but released and deported back to Ireland. Nonetheless, he organized the Workers’ Union of Ireland that fortified recognition from the Communist International in 1924.

Larkin was born in Liverpool, England on January 21, 1876. He later got married to Elizabeth and were blessed with four sons.