The Passions of Ara Chakerian

Ara Chakerian is a philanthropist and investor. He is likewise the Managing Partner of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC, and a co-founder/board member of TMS Health Solutions.

Before he joined TMS Health Solutions, Ara Chackerian was more involved in investing and entrepreneurship. His interests lie in the field of services and in health technology. For more than twenty years he financed and built the following health care companies: Pipeline Rx, Embion/Provider Links, BMC Diagnostics, with the inclusion of TMS Health Solutions. For more details visit Ideamensch to see more.

He is similarly dedicated to environmental causes, especially with an investment he made in Limonapa, SA, which involves a Teak plantation in Nicaragua that has something to do with sustainable reforestation, and various non-profit youth development such as Nor Lyce, CREA Nicaragua, and JUMA Ventures.

In an interview, Ara Chackerian said that his interest in TMS Health Solutions started when he and a friend wanted to expand their experience in constructing outpatient centers for diagnostic radiology, when a long-time provider partner recommended taking a look-see at an outpatient psychiatry area that has equipment called transcranial magnetic stimulation for depression treatment. This eventually made us realized that there was little knowledge and treatment access for major depressive disorder.

After a meeting With Dr. Bermudas, he and his partner understood the obstacles that make it difficult for patients suffering from depression to have easy access for treatment. And with Dr. Bermudas’s passion in helping people suffering from depression and their expertise in constructing outpatient healthcare facilities – a partnership ensued where they were able to build numerous ingenious outpatient facilities (which they termed as “anti-health care”– because it does not really look like a psychiatry office)that maximized positive outcomes for the patient. You can visit his website

According to Ara, the best ideas come when one engages life, which means thinking hard enough to know what life has to offer at the moment and the circumstances that are present. Ara also said that his travel in third world countries has given him a perspective that when basic opportunities elude you or circumstances do not provide the proper opportunities success does not happen. Because being successful does not only require having the innate capabilities to do so.

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