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The Success of Peter Briger

Work Experience

Briger a fundamental principle in an American global investment firm called Fortress Investment Group. Peter Briger is also a co-chairman of the board of directors in the same company. Brigger has over 15 years of experience in global investment firms. Even before he joined Fortress Investment Group, he was a partner in Goldman, Sachs & Co since 1996. In some organisations like the Princeton University Investment Company(PRINCO) board, Caliber schools and Tipping Point, he was a member there.

Educational Background

Peter Briger holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Princeton University and an MBA from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.


Briger is a dedicated member of the advising alumni board in Caliber school where his central role is to empower entrepreneurship. The advisory committee was established in July 2015 so that entrepreneurship could be initiated in the schools so that students can get to understand risk taking and developing profit value. Briger is among the wealthiest business people in America. He is ranked number three hundred and seventeen in the 2007 top 400 wealthiest Americans. His net worth is estimated to range around 1-5 billion dollars.

The Princeton Way Entrepreneurship

According to the recent reviews from the employees, they stated that the environment of the company is very safe to work. Also, they raised appreciation to the staff for being so friendly and reasonable. The Fortress Investment pays workers handsomely hand in hand with the responsibilities of an individual partakes. Briger started the Princeton Entrepreneurship Program with an aim to provide funds to young investors. The Princeton Way Entrepreneurship seeks to develop organisations of higher standards at the same time taking risky actions. Briger urged young entrepreneurs to focus on creativity and innovation to accomplish their ideas into a reality. The Princeton Way Entrepreneurship role is given approximately $100,000 to each investor to realise their business dream. Notably, Peter Briger has been a successful entrepreneur whose principal concern is to help uplifting new investors towards investment success.