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Waiakea Water Sees Substantial Growth, Even Three Years Later

Bottled water has held the stigma of a long time of being a waste in today’s world of environment conversation and awareness. According to the Ban the Bottle websites, Americans used on average 50 billion plastic water bottles last years.

This is in comparison to the U.S. recycling rate for the plastic itself which is only holding up to about 23%, only 38 billion water bottles. In comparison, that’s $1 billion worth of plastic that has been wasted each year.

The newest Hawaiian Water sensation however, water sold by the Waiakea water has seen a substantial growth ever since it has first been established. The company has been setting a new precedent for bottle water and has quickly become the prime example of an industry many people have lost faith in over the years.

Ryan Emmons – Setting an Example

Ryan Emmons has hit the market hard with his innovation and concern for environmental conservation. The water he markets is a product that has many health benefits combined with environmentally friendly packaging. Ryan Emmons recognized there was a hole in the market for bottled water. Seeing his chance, he leapt right in and never looked back.

Continuing to Grow

Since the water was first discovered at the Waiakea spring, it’s been marketed for its health benefits and unique blend of nutrients. The annual growth of the company has seen an increase by 170% each year. The company has gone from selling 2,304 cases to a 122,400 annually for the three and the half years they’ve been open. Learn more about Waiakea Water: http://www.newyou.com/health/fresh-volcano-water/

The steady success of the company has netted it attention from local distributors and accounts quickly signing on to take advantage of this unique water. Even national and larger scale companies have signed up for the spring fed water like Whole Foods who want a piece of the action too.

Not only has the company continued to push forward in their success, but they’ve been sharing it too. Part of their mission is for their customers to ‘drink ethically’ so everyone can benefit.

According to Gust, Waiakea water has even partnered with Pump Aid, already having donated 650 liters of clean water for every liter they have sold. The charitable contribution has allowed many people to have access to clean water, but they’re not the only ones who benefit either.

The unique nutrients of the Waiakea water has allowed it to be sold a full electrolyte beverage. The water is naturally alkaline, mineral rich, and comes from one of the purest forms of clean water to be found.