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WEN by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner customer review

She wanted to verify whether a popular television program that promotes a hairline, WEN Hair by Chaz, was truthful. In a detailed week-long journal on Bustle, the lady gave a step by step use of the WEN Cleansing Conditioner.
On day one, she detailed how the recommended shampoo is too much compared to other shampoos. After a shower, she used the recommended minimum shampoo. The results were great. Her hair felt thicker and less hair fell off mid-shower. After blow-drying her hair, it was much improved. It looked shinier than before, and she loved her look.

She practically did the same thing throughout the week and enjoyed the after look every time. What was for sure is that she felt more confident because her hair felt a little more bouncy and the glow kept getting better.

She noticed that by day 2 and 4, her hair roots looked uncomfortable. They were stickier and wiry. It was not a good experience especially because she hates morning showers. The results were great every time she used the product, though.

She loves her curls and thought the Wen hair might give it a boost, unfortunately, hey curly bumps fell easily, and there was no chance of having that bubbly feel on her hair. The feeling was great though she reckoned. She managed to enjoy a week-long relationship with WEN noting that she would only continue using the shampoo once in a while.

She reckons that it is a great product, and it is just not for her because it requires a daily treatment regime that is not always her routine. But she contends that the product cleanses, conditions and styles her hair well.

WEN hair by Chaz is a cleansing conditioner marketed via a popular infomercial. The program features women using the Dean Cleansing Conditioner and flaunting their smooth, curling, shiny and healthy looking hair. WEN Cleansing Conditioner is shampoo, conditions, and acts as a style treatment. Wen hair products are Sephora available and eBay and can also be ordered online directly from Amazon. Read more about Wen hair results on