What are Fantasy Football Rankings?

Martavis Bryant is a top ten receiver without a doubt, if he plays. Suspensions for failed drug tests have kept him off the field. He has shown he can put up huge numbers when he plays. His fantasy football rankings are down because of the fear of more suspensions. If he can stay on the field Martavis is going to be in contention as the best fantasy receiver available.

Fantasy football rankings can be affected by many factors. Career stats, previous years stats, injuries, and even teammates. Each position in the league has their own fantasy football rankings, with number 1 being the best. Each fantasy league has their own scoring structure, but each position will always score points for certain categories. Fantasy football rankings change from week to week depending on up to date performance and opponent, among other things. The fantasy football rankings are also just an educated guess on how players are going to perform. There could be hundreds of different versions of the rankings each week, but the top players will mostly be the same.