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Where To Get Married In Austin Texas

It’s always bigger in Texas, and people who live there throw bigger wedding parties. Whether you’re from Austin Texas or someone out of town who just loves the area, it’s a sure fire place to have a great wedding. George Street Photo and Video, a wedding photography company, offers great packages and is all about capturing the moment for you and your new marriage.

If you want your wedding to be outside, then the Camp Lucy is right for you. It’s owned by Whitt Hanks, who’s one of Austin’s longest residents. Camp Lucy has a variety of gardens and landscapes for outdoor ceremonies as well as a chapel.

For those looking to get married in an enclosed setting, the Driskell Hotel is popular among locals. They offer up to 9 suites and 230 rooms for you and your guests. The dance floor is set up and taken down whenever you tell them and the location makes it great for downtown after parties.

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