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Who Is The OSI Industries Professionals

Eat Smart With An OSI Industries Diet

An OSI Industries Group, diet goes through tough food service regulations to ensure you’re getting a smart nutritious meal. Their excellence in the food service industry has allowed OSI, to be past recipients of the prestigious, British Council Award. Based in Aurora, Illinois, they’re the largest food service group in North America. Their CEO, David McDonald, has been responsible for bringing more customers to the food industry than ever before. The OSI Food Solutions Group has over a century of experience in the food network. Visit their easy to navigate OSI website for important food facts.

OSI Group Recent International Business News

The Dutch, Baho Foods Group, is a quiet food industry with a new food service audience that was interesting to the OSI Group. They were able to secure a deal with Baho, that will allow them to promote their organic vegetables. Their vegetables are processed with all-natural ingredients that offer a safe and nutritious alternative to GMO food products. OSI will also initiate a similar acquisition to the Indian food network. To date, the most lucrative international food service deal is their EU, Flagship Europe merger. They’re celebrating a 20 year business relationship with China and the United States.

OSI Industries Charity Efforts

There has been many ways the popular food giants have given back to the community. The OSI Group is focused on sustainability for at-risk adults that are threatened with unemployment. They’re committed to building smarter communities by creating jobs. His job iniative has created over 7,000+ career positions worldwide. Their stockholders are impressed with the Tyson food deal that has saved hundreds of jobs in Chicago. They’ve been able to help impoverished communities around the world do more than just eat smart by providing a career resource. If you’re interested in a great job opportunity, the OSI Group Food Solutions team has a listing of their available positions on their website. Their team prides themselves on being an equal opportunity employer. Visit the OSI, website and find more information on their smart food plan.