Prison Communication

You Have The Opportunity To Talk To Your Love Ones Over An Award Winning Network

You can experience the benefits of communicating with your love ones in a correctional facility over an interactive network with the benefits of Securus Technologies. They have over 12,000+ IT professionals that are highly trained in telecommunications securities and customer service. If you have questions or concerns, a friendly customer service professional is there to assist you at any time. You never have to worry about dropped calls like competitor networks. Securus Technologies started out as a regulation provided that ensured the public’s safety through surveillance and monitoring. Now, they hail as one of the largest growing inmate network providers in the industry.


Securus Technologies Wins Prestigious Award


You can take part in an outstanding inmate communication network with the benefits of connecting with a leading inmate provider. Securus Technologies recently won the prestigious Stevie Award for being a top network with excellent customer service. The Stevie Award is the highest customer service award in the industry. A top panel of over seventy-five judges has nominated Securus as the leading customer service professionals in inmate calling. Their 12,000+ IT professionals played a major role in helping them win the prestigious award. PRN Newswire reported that Securus Technologies will continue their high level of customer service geared towards customer service satisfaction.


Securus Technologies Features


Inmate Voicemail


You can leave an inmate a message at any time on their personalized account provided through their commissary. An inmate can purchase a voicemail access account from their commissary list for a small fee.


Telephone Pay Services


Telephone services allows you to access features through their 800 number. If you’re 18 years of age or older, you can purchase advance phone features with a valid checking or debit card.


Join Securus Technologies today and get more features that help you spend less and talk more by visiting their exclusive website for more details.